Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Elephant Protection Initiative

Fight For Elephants

Along with the July 1st release of The Legend of Tarzan, Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and the filmmakers and stars of the film are teaming up with the following international Non Government Organizations (NGO): savetheelephants.org, wildlifeconservationsociety.org, www.tusk.orgwww.fauna-flora.org, and Stop Ivory, among others to tackle one of our world’s greatest conservation challenges – the fight to protect Africa’s rare forest elephant of Gabon and other threatened African elephants.

This is great news to have attention spotlighted on the Illegal ivory trade; however, it will take more than just one company, organization or country to make an impact. Joining forces and uniting to help the elephant crisis could save our beloved elephant. You can find more information @ www.stopivory.org.
The Democratic Republic of Congo once boasted nearly 400,000 forest elephants. Today, only 10,000 are left. Cameroon and the Republic of Congo have lost half their populations. Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana and the Central African Republic have only a few survivors clinging to pockets of forest, as does the Ivory Coast – once named for its abundant herds. There is one stronghold left. Despite losing one third of its forest elephants, Gabon is still home to about 45,000 individuals – more than half of all that remain. The Gabon National Parks Agency made the Warner Bros. plate shoot possible through their unique access to these precious places. Now it is our turn to support them in their efforts to maintain the forest elephant family for future generations.

This is so important to Precious Few On Earth that we will make a monthly contribution toward www.stopivory.org which is supported by ElephantProtectionInitiative.org.
When you buy our animal tee shirt on www.etsy.com from www.preciousfewonearth.com a portion of your purchase will end up supporting these beautiful animals.

Every little bit counts...

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