Monday, September 22, 2014

The inspiration for Precious Few On Earth was born from my impressionable years as a young girl living in South Africa. I witnessed the grandeur of animals living in their natural habitat. The influence of those amazing years and my love and respect for nature, led me to create my tee shirt line Precious Few On Earth representing our most beloved creatures! 

My three-dimensional design  allow children to explore and learn about animals.
We are  fascinated and appreciate the beauty of nature, which is why we keep our designs  realistic. I make Precious Few On Earth tees in Los Angeles, which allow me to choose the most super soft material and and a shirt that will last many years!
The sustainable design is made from recycled plastic bottles helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles going into our landfills. Our goal is to grow consciously using ethically viable sources to provide children with quality and comfort.

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